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Herstmonceux Parish Council

April 2010

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

In Autumn 2006, Herstmonceux Parish Council applied for and was awarded the status of Quality Parish Council.

This is what Defra understands by a "quality parish council": -

  • is representative of, and actively engages, all parts of its community, providing vision, identity and a sense of belonging;
  • is effectively and properly managed;
  • articulates the needs and wishes of its community;
  • upholds high standards of conduct;
  • is committed to work in partnership with principal local authorities and other public service agencies;
  • works closely with voluntary groups in its community;
  • provides leadership to the community through its work on parish plans; and
  • working with its partners, acts as an information point for local services.



2010/11 Precept

The estimates for the coming year have now been published.  See the Finance section (click here)