Index to Financial Regulations

Annual Estimates
Budgetary Control
Accounting and Audit
Salaries and Wages
Loans and Investments Income OrdersContractsContract PaymentsStores and Equipment Properties and Estates Assets Register Revision of Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations

1.      General

2.      Annual Estimates

3.      Budgetary Control

4.      Accounting and Audit

5.      Banking Arrangements and Cheques

6.      Payment of Accounts

7.      Payment of Salaries and Wages

8.      Loans and Investments

9.         Income

10.    Orders for Work, Goods and Services

11.     Contracts
Procedures as to the contracts are laid down in the Councils Standing Orders as follows:

12.    Payments in respect of Contracts for Building or Other Construction Works

13.    Stores and Equipment

14.    Properties and Estates

Parish Council:

Contractor / Sub-Contractors:

16.    Assets Register
The RFO shall maintain a record of all assets owned by the Council, together with its original value / purchase price, date of acquisition / purchase, and its current insurance value.

17.    Revision of Financial Regulations

It shall be the duty of the F&GP committee to review the financial regulations of the Council from time to time and to make such recommendations to the council as the committee considers are required.