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The following table provides access to financial summaries, estimates, and audited copies of Annual Returns (as from March 2013) for the current and past years. Click on any of the links below. Adobe Reader will be required to view the documents and this is free to download on the internet.


Financial Summaries
Financial Estimates
Annual Return
Notice of Conclusion
31 March 2014 2014 to 2015  
31 March 2015 2015 to 2016  
31 March 2016 2016 to 2017 2015 to 2016 31 March 2016
31 March 2017 2017 to 2018 2016 to 2017 31 March 2017

To view the latest Annual Return, which has been audited, please click on the appropriate date above. The returns for previous years can also be viewed above.